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Poll: Majority of citizens oppose renaming the country, believe VMRO members of Parliament voted under pressure


Poll shows that 51.5 percent of the public opposed amending the Constitution and renaming the Republic of Macedonia into the Republic of North Macedonia, as demanded by the Government. Only 37.6 percent support the change, a poll conducted by the news site and Market Vision polling agency showed.

Broken down by ethnic background, solid 62.2 percent of ethnic Macedonians oppose renaming the country, and less than half of that, 28 percent, are in favor. Among ethnic Albanians, on the other hand, 76.5 percent are in favor, and 6.7 are opposed.

A majority of 53.2 percent of all polled citizens also believes that the eight members of Parliament elected on the VMRO-DPMNE lists who voted in favor of opening the process to amend the Constitution weer doing so under pressure. Only 24.3 percent of the citizens believe that these members of Parliament voted on their own free will. Most of them face criminal charges directly, or against family members, and three were released from detention shortly before the vote.

Regarding other politically charged issues contained in the proposed constitutional amendments, an unusually high percentage of those polled – 37.6 percent – said they have no opinion on whether it is correct to water down the place ASNOM – the 1944 congress of Macedonia’s anti-fascist forces which declared the Macedonian state – holds in the Constitution. The majority supports the proposed text with 55.1 percent, and only 7.9 percent are opposed. A majority of citizens also supports adding the Ohrid Framework Agreement, signed after the rebellion of ethnic Albanian armed groups in 2001, to the Constitution – 56.8 percent are in favor, and 14.7 percent are opposed, while 28.5 percent had no response.