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Poll: VMRO leads among ethnic Macedonians, SDSM is now the leading Albanian party


A poll by Telma TV found that VMRO-DPMNE is the largest party among ethnic Macedonians, while SDSM has moved to the first place among ethnic Albanian voters.

The poll shows that VMRO-DPMNE enjoys a five points advantage among ethnic Macedonians and would win the support of 30.4 percent of them, while SDSM is supported by 25.5 percent of Macedonians.

– This indicates that a good portion of Macedonians are disappointed by the compromise with Greece and believe that our national interests are abandoned. Also, there is disappointment over certain SDSM announcements of futher deals, and over their tax policy which reflects in the ratings, said Telma director Atanas Kirovski. This disappointment has spread deep among Macedonians, and 26 percent of them say they will not vote for any party.

The leftist ruling party makes up the lost support among Macedonians with the help of ethnic Albanian voters, where it has surpassed DUI and is now the top choice of Albanian voters.