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Poposki and Haindl underline Macedonian and European interest in surpassing the crisis


Foreign Minister Nikola Poposki held talks Thursday with Germany’s Special Envoy to Macedonia Johannes Haindl, also attended by German Ambassador to the country Christine Althauser.

At the meeting, Haindl referred to his mandate and expectations from his engagement in Macedonia, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs said in a press release.

Haindl and Poposki expressed belief that the efforts for surpassing the political crisis would remain focused on implementing the reforms, necessary to preserve the recommendation for launching the EU accession talks, being granted to Macedonia by the European Commission since 2009.

Poposki extended gratitude for Germany’s overall support of Macedonia, including the one of the German Embassy in Skopje and the diplomatic engagement of Ambassador Haindl.

It is important for the political crisis to be resolved by solutions that should exclusively enjoy the support of Macedonian institutions, political stakeholders and above all the citizens, whose will is being expressed at elections, Poposki said.

The interlocutors underlined the Macedonian and European interest in surpassing the crisis and committing to reforms that would bring progress and stability, both to the country and the region, which is also rather significant for Germany, the press release reads.