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Poposki and Vigenin on a meeting to Sofia


Macedonia’s Foreign Minister Nikola Poposki Friday in Sofia will meet his Bulgarian counterpart Kristian Vigenin.

The meeting will focus on Bulgaria’s attitude in terms of EC fifth successive recommendation for the start of Macedonia’s EU accession talks. So far, Sofia has been conditioning its support for Macedonia with signing an agreement on good neighbor ties.

Last week Vigenin stated that Bulgaria was supporting Macedonia’s EU integration, but the road to EU would not open for Macedonia unless the agreement on good neighbor ties was signed. He announced the enhancing of the contacts between both countries on a higher level in order to overcome the misunderstandings.

Poposki, though, stressed that he was not expecting Bulgaria to hamper Macedonia’s EU integration and that Skopje was fully prepared for cooperation with Sofia.

Besides Vigenin, Macedonian Foreign Minister will also meet with members of  Bulgaria – Macedonia Friendship Group at the National Assembly of the Republic of Bulgaria.