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Poposki: Name dispute can be resolved only if it is in Macedonia’s interest


Former Macedonian Foreign Minister and current VMRO-DPMNE MP, Nikola Poposki, said Thursday on the Top Tema na vasa strana TV show that the name dispute can be resolved only if it is in the interest of Macedonia, and not just to make someone happy.

Poposki believes that if the SDSM government did not inform the President of the state and the opposition about the talks with Greece, that only proved that this government has no strategy to resolve the name dispute.

“If we agree that the EU is an instrument for our progress where we will have a system, order, rule of law, let us correct those things and make progress. And let’s not allow a situation where we promise to deliver it, and the first victim of the government reshuffle is the Justice Minister, or promise to make systematic changes in that part, and you have not delivered a specific result for 10 months. It’s not time for politics,” said Poposki.

Th ex-Foreign Minister pointed out that now there is a government that had been promising life for 10 months, and none of the parameters it promised has been delivered, as he said all pro-government serious analysts had been saying that.