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Poposki to Pendaroski: SDSM can’t run away from elections, all conditions are met, it’s up to the people to decide


“It is clear to everyone, including Brussels and the EU member states, why we have not started negotiations. We very well remember that in April 2014, the leader of the largest opposition party Zoran Zaev went all across Macedonia saying that was going to be the next Prime Minister and the one who will compose the new government. However, on April 27, he said that there were no fair conditions, no democracy and that the elections will not be recognized”, VMRO-DPMNE list carrier in the first electoral district, Nikola Poposki said in a political debate on Alsat TV.

“The second comment refers to why we are now having early parliamentary elections. Since the start of the political crisis and its continuation, VMRO-DPMNE has said ok, let the citizens decide at elections. We are not holding elections because the international factor said so, as Mr. Pendarovski claims, but because SDSM can no longer run away from elections because all wishes, all conditions that it requested for holding elections are met”, Poposki said.

I agree with Mr. Pendarovski when he says that we can only watch and observe. But, that is what SDSM does best, watches and observes, heaven forbid we have a problem to solve, or a crisis because SDSM has shown that it cannot actively resolve any issue”, Poposki said.