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Popular banana diet could help you lose weight

A new diet from Japan called the “Morning Banana Diet” has stormed the internet, and the new slimming plan claims to be “simple, cheap and stress free” for dieters to follow.

The diet is popular in Japan where it is called the “Asa Banana Diet”, and three books have been written on the subject in the country.

A detailed website,, has translated the rules of the diet for Western slimmers to follow.

Sharing the virtues of the plan, the website said: “It’s a diet for people who don’t want to bother with a diet, who don’t want to read a book (although there are books on it in Japan), who are basically in control of things but need a little structure. “

Explaining how much weight dieters can expect to lose, the website continued: “It’s a diet for a Japanese level of overweight, five to 35 pounds overweight, perhaps up to 50, not an American ‘Biggest Loser’ level of obesity, where a more hardcore, but less simple, diet regimen is called for.”

So what are the rules of the Morning Banana Diet? The basic premise it to start the day with a banana, but there are other guidelines to follow.

Eat a banana for breakfast

You can eat more than one, but don’t stuff yourself to the point of fullness or discomfort

Eat only raw, uncooked, unfrozen bananas, although other fruit may be substituted

Eat normally for lunch and dinner

Dinner must be eaten by 8pm at the latest, although 6pm is best

There are no limits on the type of food you can eat for lunch or dinner, or the amount, although you should not eat a dessert with any of your meals

Eat until you are satisfied but not full or stuffed

Only drink water

Water must be room temperature, not chilled or hot

Drink in sips, and don’t use water to wash down food

There is not a certain amount of water to drink, and it should not be drunk to excess

Beer or wine may be drunk on social occasions

Eat food mindfully

Chew the banana and other food properly and be mindful of the taste

Exercise is not required – only do it if you want to

Don’t put pressure on yourself to exercise, but try to walk every day if possible

Afternoon snacks are allowed

A sweet treat of chocolate, cookies etc is allowed at around 3pm. Ice cream, donuts or crisps are not permitted

If you prefer salty snacks, try popcorn, but be aware of fat content

If you are hungry after dinner you can also occasionally have a piece of fresh fruit, but this shouldn’t become a daily habit

Get to bed early

Aim to get to bed by midnight, although try and be in bed earlier than this if possible

Aim for a four hour window between the final meal or snack and bedtime

Keep a diet diary

The original Japanese banana diet was developed on the internet which naturally allowed dieters to document their progress. Western followers of the plan should do the same