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President Ivanov extends gratitude for Hungary’s initiative on rejecting so-called ‘Tirana platform’

President Gjorge Ivanov extended gratitude to Hungary over its request to the EU Council to reject and condemn the so-called ‘Tirana platform’.

Ivanov and his Hungarian counterpart Janos Ader discussed Monday in Budapest on the political crisis in Macedonia and possible solution for its settlement.

Speaking at a joint press conference with his host, Ivanov said that interference of other country by designing the platform had made the situation in Macedonia more complicated.

The platform, he said, covers issues that have been already resolved by the Ohrid Framework Agreement and the Constitution.

Our expectations for this platform of foreign country to be condemned and rejected have not been realized thus far and ‘we fear that more states may apply this precedent of exerting pressure, as it has been already the case lately in other countries,’ Ivanov said.

He called for urgent completion of the Parliament’s constitutive session and election of the Speaker, so that the country could function properly.

In this respect Ivanov said the parliamentary majority should revoke the ‘Tirana platform’ in order to obtain the mandate for forming a new government that would start dealing with all challenges.

Ader said today’s talks with Ivanov showed him that the Macedonian President was doing his best to find a solution in line with his oath as the Head of State and the country’s constitution, saying that it would be ‘the only acceptable solution’.

At their meeting, Ivan and Ader also tackled the developments in the region, the bilateral relations, as well as the possibility of second migration wave.

‘The support, friendship and solidarity between Hungary and Macedonia could serve as an example how one EU member should treat a candidate country,’ Ivanov said.

Ader on his part pointed out that the time had come for EU to launch the accession talks with Macedonia after the false promises to that effect for the last 10 years.

Ivanov called on the EU and NATO to clearly review the situation in Macedonia and the region and in ‘these difficult moments send a strong message for our European and Euro-Atlantic prospect’. The deadlock of Macedonia’s EU-integration process has been rather frustrating for the citizens of the country, he added.