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President Ivanov: Macedonia should be proud of Saint Mother Teresa

President Gjorge Ivanov, who led the large Macedonian delegation at the ceremony at which pope Francis declared Mother Teresa as saint, said that Macedonia should be proud to have given birth to such a woman.

“We who live at this land, should continue to spread the energy she had with the same intensity and to spread kindness, comfort and succor”, said President Gjorge Ivanov. Mother Teresa was born as Gondza Bojadziu in Skopje in 1910, and she is believed to have had her first vision which prompted her to dedicate her life to helping the sick and the poor in her hometown.

The Macedonian delegation had a place of honor during the ceremony that was attended by hundreds of thousands of people. President Ivanov said that all our neighbors in the region should share in the saint’s values and in helping in each other.

“I believe Mother Teresa would be overjoyed if she knew we celebrate her work, her charity and the help she provided. All those who can, should provide mercy and hope to the hopeless”, said Ivanov, adding that these are the values which Mother Teresa learnt in Skopje, which, he said, is a microcosm of different religions and identities.

President Ivanov said that pope Francis confirmed his intention to come and visit Macedonia, which would be a first such event for our country.