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President Ivanov meets Greek FM Kotzias

Macedonia’s President Gjorge Ivanov and Greece’s Foreign Minister Nikos Kotzias shared opinions Thursday in Skopje on the overall relations between the two countries.

Ivanov underlined the significance of Kotzias’s visit to Macedonia, saying that it presents a continuation of the last year’s Skopje-Athens dialogue on the ministerial level, the President’s Cabinet said in a press release.

Macedonia, he said, is committed to advancing the good-neighborly relations with Greece in the spirit of the European values and standards. The ongoing dialogue between the two countries on confidence building measures are rather significant for creating a positive climate that will contribute to ironing the differences over the bilateral name dispute, Ivanov said.

However, this dispute mustn’t be an obstacle to the common interests and challenges, such as the response of both countries to the migrant crisis and security, which call for close cooperation, the President said.

Ivanov and Kotzias expressed satisfaction with the favorable development of the bilateral relations.

“We share significant interests and for us the stability and prosperity of our neighbor is of great importance,” Kotzias said.