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President Ivanov, PM Dimitriev attend Christmas liturgy in Skopje

A Christmas liturgy took place Saturday at St. Clement of Ohrid church in Skopje, which was led by the Head of the Macedonian Orthodox Church, Archbishop Stefan of Ohrid and Macedonia.

The church service was attended by President Gjorge Ivanov and Caretaker Prime Minister Emil Dimitriev.

After the liturgy, Ivanov and Dimitriev wished the Orthodox faithful a merry Christmas also wishing them health, joy and happiness.

“I want to wish all the citizens celebrating the Birth of Christ a merry Christmas and to wish them health, joy and happiness. I wish everything that we have celebrated this past days, all the joy, all the kindness and beauty to be by our side all year long. I wish we all shared joy and kindness and celebrated life,” President Ivanov told reporters.

PM Dimitriev said that the deed of Jesus Christ celebrated in the past few days should serve as an example and a lesson that even the biggest challenges could be overcome with wisdom and positive energy.

“Today we live in turbulent times, both at social and political level, but I hope common sense will prevail… I hope the people of Macedonia will have a more relaxed year compared to the one we bid farewell to,” Dimitriev stated.

Asked when and to which party a mandate would be handed to form a government, President Ivanov said he would act in compliance with the Constitution.

Answering journalist questions on whether the deadline would be respected for a mandate to be handed, PM Dimitriev said he expected the procedure to be conducted in line with the law.

Commenting on whether any problems could arise considering the establishment of a coalition, he said thus far no issues had been reported when elections had been organized and when Parliament had been constituted.

“I expect everything to be alright, because the people expect a government to be formed and focus to be re-directed on real priorities,” PM Dimitriev noted.