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President Ivanov: The reality is the referendum failed

The silent majority has decided, the reality is that the referendum failed. Do not attempt to change this reality, President Gjorge Ivanov said in an address to the nation.

“Do not attempt to change this reality, do not underestimate the sovereign will of the Macedonian people. A 36.9% turnout is not the will of the people, 63.1% that didn’t come out to vote is the people’s will. The reality is that the referendum failed. It is time for responsibility. You have reduced the NATO and EU support from 80% to a mere 36.9%. You have been manipulating our citizens and also our European and Euro-Atlantic partners. You have been providing them with false perceptions,” said Ivanov.

The referendum is no opinion poll, Ivanov noted adding that the decision of the citizens was binding.

“In a referendum, you, the citizens, directly exercise your sovereign power. The Parliament must respect this decision,” stated President Ivanov.

Only rallying around our state interests, respecting the constitutional and legal order, we may complete our path to the European and Euro-Atlantic family, according to him.

“Without a doubt, the place of the Republic of Macedonia is in the EU and NATO. But, we should join the organization with our human dignity, without intimidation, pressure and double standards. Only then we will be able to tackle the two great challenges,” Ivanov said.

The first one, he said, involves serious and thorough reforms in all segments, and the second challenge is to restore national consensus in order to unite in defensing our state interests and fulfilling our strategic objectives.

The Macedonian President said he expected OSCE/ODIHR to seriously take into account reports about irregularities in several polling stations.

President Ivanov also called on the ruling majority to take responsibility for the failed referendum.