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Prilep Jazz Weekend to offer many melodic Mediterranean jazz performances


Italian crossover jazz act Kekko Fornarelli Trio opened International Prilep Jazz Festival on Thursday evening.

The trio, which consists of pianist Kekko Fornarelli, bassist Federico Pecoraro, and drummer Dario Congedo, gave a thoughtful and exciting performance at the Marko Cepenkov Culture Center.

Skopje-based band Fierce played next, promoting their latest album Utopia.

Rounding off the evening was a midnight performance by Ohrid-born, New York-based musician Vladimir Četkar.

This year’s Prilep Jazz Weekend programming includes concerts by several highly acclaimed Mediterranean, Balkan, and Macedonian musicians.

Friday evening will feature performances by Macedonian jazz accordionist Jordan Kostov & Shanghai Intense and Palette Ensemble a.k.a. Sokratis Votskos Quartet from Greece. Finishing the evening will be Vasil Hadzimanov and his band.

The festival will wrap up on Saturday with concerts by Jakov Drenkovski, French improv-jazz duo Le Bal Pourri, and Serbian funk rock band Deca Loših Muzičara.

The festival, which is taking place for the seventh time, will run through Sept. 1.

According to Prilep Mayor Ilija Jovanovski, International Prilep Jazz Weekend is considered one of the five major annual events in the city, alongside its Forgiveness Day Festival, the Vojdan Cernodrinski Theater Festival, the Pece Atanasovski Festival of Folk Instruments and Songs, and Pivofest Beer Festival.

International Prilep Jazz Weekend is held annually at the end of August, aiming to make jazz accessible to a wider audience. It is supported by the Municipality of Prilep.