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PRO to control citizens’ income from abroad as well

It is a public secret that many individuals, especially from the computer business, work for foreign companies and are well paid for this, but this money gets taxed nowhere. Therefore, the PRO will automatically search for data from banks for the incomes citizens realize abroad. This means that there will be a program whereby all incomes from foreign companies on behalf of citizens working for foreign companies will automatically arrive in the PRO tax section.

This is the essence of the changes to the Banking Law, “Sloboden pecat” learns, although, as the competent authorities explained, all the inflows in bank accounts will be seen. In fact, for all other incomes that are subject to personal tax, the PRO has data. But for incomes from foreign companies to our citizens, “spying” in bank accounts is necessary.

The PRO says that according to the assessments made by the bankers, there are about 100,000 foreign transactions made by our citizens on a monthly basis.

“This does not mean that it is about 100,000 citizens who receive money from abroad. Perhaps one citizen has a dozen transactions,” explains Vesna Novakovic from the PRO.

How much money was made, with these 100,000 transactions, from the PRO say that this data is not important now, i.e. it is important to specify all the details about the process that will allow the PRO to fill out the annual tax return applications instead of the citizens.

“Citizens have for years reacted that it is difficult for them to compile the applications and that there are large crowds at the PRO offices at the time when the annual tax return was submitted. Here, now the process is reversed. Instead of  citizens to submit us the data, we collect them for them and we will submit the prepared annual tax return for approval,” says Novakovic.