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Prominent critic of Zaev badly beaten up in Strumica


A man from Strumica, Mitko Georgiev, was beaten up on Monday afternoon in front of his own home, days after he was critical of the Zoran Zaev stranglehold of the city.

– Three men armed with iron knuckles jumped me from the dark, I’m all beaten up, Georgiev told the Lider news site. He said that this is his punishment for repeatedly speaking out against Zaev and his regime on media outlets. Zaev was mayor of Strumica and wields serious influence in the city, and Georgiev would point out businesses under his control and accuse Zaev and his brother Vice of acting as local loan sharks.

– I used to protest against Nikola Gruevski, but what we got in his place is much worse. The entire city is under racketeering through Zaev’s bank. There is not a single company in Strumica which is not theirs. I say this openly, under my name, Georgiev said recently calling during a TV program.

Journalist Aleksandar Comovski from the pro-Government 1TV, who spoke with Georgiev on the air, tried to dismiss his call citing technicalities, but Georgiev also gave interviews to other news sites, making him a prominent critic of the Zaev regime. During the interview with Comovski, Georgiev said that he has already been attacked by Zaev’s thugs who “told me they’ll kill me the next time”, before the TV station cut him off.