Thursday, 9 December 2021 | News today: 0

Promotion of regional project on tourism


Business Confederation of Macedonia is to promote project “Tourism is People – Working Together for Strong Social Dialogue in Tourism.”

The main goal of the project is strengthening the capacities of the social partners for contributing to social dialogue on national and European level. Also, this project will increase the awareness of national employers and workers representatives about the importance of this process in increasing the employment and competitiveness on the labour market, skill and qualifications, job quality and decent work.

Today’s workshop will be attended by representatives of the Federation of Trade Unions of Macedonia, Ministry of Economy-tourism sector, Ministry of Labour and Social Welfare, Agency for Promotion and Support of Tourism and professors from Faculty of Tourism, etc.

Business Confederation of Macedonia is one of the partners of EU project “Tourism is people – Working together for strong Social Dialogue in the Tourism and Hospitality sector.”

The project “Tourism is people” financed by the European Union began in February with the kick-off meeting in Ljubljana. Leader of the project is the Association of Employers of Slovenia (ZDS), while associations of employers as well as trade unions from Macedonia, Croatia, Montenegro and Serbia are partners in the project.