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GDOM united the people for defense of Macedonia: The Court is not afraid of people like Zoran Zaev


Several hundred protesters gathered in front of the Basic Court Skopje I to rally against the decision of the court to order home detention for Bitola Mayor Vladimir Taleski. The protest, which was organized by the Citizen’s Movement for Defense of Macedonia, was attended by several other mayors from the VMRO-DPMNE party, in solidarity with Taleski.


Taleski was charged by the Special Prosecutor’s Office, on allegations that the town hall overpaid for providing bus services it provides to school children that live outside walking distance from their schools. Taleski was initially asked to hand over his passport, only to see this decision changed and turned into a house detention. The Appeals Court is expected to decide on the measure on Monday.


VMRO-DPMNE blamed the Special Prosecutor’s Office of being politically motivated in the charges it is filing, accusing the recently set up SPO of coordinating with the opposition SDSM party. VMRO-DPMNE also listed examples of cities where the mayors come from SDSM, including Strumica, where SDSM leader Zoran Zaev is Mayor, which pay far more for school bus services than Bitola.


Judges are chosen due to their capacity and personal integrity and the Court’s independence implies that no judge can make the right decisions if they are afraid, under threat or if they expect some sort of personal gain. This is why you cannot succumb to any sort of pressure, both internal or external. Justice must be the same for everybody. It is totally unacceptable for some people to be held accountable for something, while others not, said GDOM at Mondays gathering in front of Skopje’s Basic Court which was attended by thousands of citizens.


GDOM members submitted a Declaration to the Court, which was read to the citizens and the press.

Do not let people like Zoran Zaev intimidate you and influence your decisions. If you do then your credibility and integrity would be ruined. Your resistance to pressure in the upcoming period will be a confirmation of your independence and impartiality and it will serve as an example to future generations of judges. Selective justice is no justice. Decisions made under pressure are not right decisions. Decisions made under pressure sickens the citizens. So we encourage you not to succumb to political pressures. Do not lose your integrity due to threats and false promises. We encourage you not to make politically influenced decisions. Criminals like Zaev should be held responsible and he must return what he stole from the state. Innocent people cannot be held responsible for his actions”, the Declaration reads.