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Przino Agreement obligations without alternative



Nenad Mircevski

Although all four parties as part of the Przino Agreement formally committed themselves to its full implementation, yet some opposition circles are advocating paradoxical thesis that the agreement is dead or it should be declared as such just because the elections were scheduled for the day set by all leaders from the very beginning.

Soon we will know whether SDSM will respect the agreement, or stick to the decision not to go to the elections set for 24 April. But despite the firm stand (at the moment) of its leadership not to accept the date, there is a reason to hope, however, that it might accept the challenge. The optimism arises from Brussels’ support to implement credible elections but also from the opposition’s invalid claims that it is impossible to clear the voters’ list and to ensure equal treatment in the media in the specified period.

First of all, everyone understands that the fulfillment of the obligations arising from the agreement have no alternative, then it is unclear why the political debate is not hold in the direction how to help the SEC to clear the voters’ list on time, but the main topic of discussion is “for how many months should the elections be postponed.”

If the opposition had estimated that the time for clearing the voters’ list should be postponed even until September (meaning that the SEC would need more than five months to do the job), then the question is why last summer the opposition did not set a new ultimatum the new composition of the SEC to be elected at the same time as the Special Prosecutor? In that case the list would have been cleared by now, and the citizens would have had a chance to have their say as soon as possible.

Now, instead of negotiating with dates, it is better to make sure they keep their word.

Secondly, all those opposition “experts” and “analysts” who advocate for “repetition of 17 May” alluding to protests and violence as an antidote to the decision to hold elections on 24 April, they should be aware that they only further damage the state, as well as the party. If the opposition continues to follow this path then the results will be even more calamitous than now. People have long dismissed this scenario as an option.

Thirdly, the opposition can not be taken seriously when requiring democratization of the media as long as  it supports the media outlets running black campaigns against all opponents of its leadership, including those with pro-opposition views. The first people of SDSM have no right to complain about the media isolation because they have brought themselves into such position unilaterally rejecting the cooperation with all media outlets that are not under their control.  Just a reminder, since its first issue “Republika”weekly is running a policy of giving space for promotion of diverse views on various socio-political issues in the country. For these reasons, regularly, it gave space for the opposition representatives as well. At no point did the weekly change its position on the issue, and at the same time, had no remark to the treatment by any interlocutor with pro-opposition views. However, SDSM leadership not only has been boycotting our medium for over a year, but it has also prohibited any communication to all its members without prior consultation. Despite all unsubstantiated pressures and allegations from the opposition to the medium, the weekly remains open for cooperation. The invitations for interview to the entire leadership of the party, to which we have not received any response to this day, are still valid.

Instead of the blaming “the betrayal of the strategic partners,” it is best for the opposition to show that it sincerely wants to contribute to overcoming the obstacles to conducting fair elections, which will be recognized by all concerned factors. It is the ideal option for the opposition at the moment, with which it will show that caring for the country’s future is real and not just an excuse to meet their personal goals.