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Questions Google cannot answer


Budimka Popvska
(nun Makrina)

Google cannot answer rhetorical questions.

The Serbs have been bombarded as well, haven’t they?

The Internet has finally and definitively replaced our lives for good. Everyone can consult their personal consiliere anytime of the day or night, all it takes is entering the password on the assigned location. Google is free, and its power is enormous. Who is Google? Or, more precisely, what is Google?

What brilliant mind cam up with the idea for an online jukebox for the billions zillions question?

How do you open a coconut? (With a screwdriver) You do not believe it?

Weather forecast. If you are planning on a trip, check what satellite recordings say. Future whether conditions are already happening today. Snow, rain, winds, hurricanes, cyclones. All forecasts are based on precise interpreting of the present time LAYERS.

Higher instances, whatever that means, spread the story of wars due to energy resources. For gas, oil, diamonds, territory. Suddenly, in the name of oil, one human being is justified and allowed to kill another human being. No need of ‘narcosis’ to want it. Food pesticides are sufficient.

Even Google cannot say the man is main energy resource on this planet. And that the man is not so petty and worthless, besides the numbing institutional education, military service etc… Bloodshed and millions innocent victims feed way higher “cosmic” instances, which we know very little or almost nothing, since it has been classified as a “top secret”.

Distant planets or unidentified entities. Who still has the time to believe that?

Horoscope. If you are If you are some bolshie zodiac sign, any advice you ever read is the right one: whatever you think, think the opposite of it. But, do not overdo it, you might experience a nirvana. And you cannot run away from a nirvana.

The sixth node in the ninth house cannot help you.

Dark side of the Moon: women in PMS know best what it is.

Truth is being concealed for mysterious reasons. Death is lie No. 1 in the general numbness. Kusturica had right when he politely called it “rumor”. First you came up with the cure, than the disease. Immortality is a myth and a bedtime story. Human bodies, on the other hand, have expiration date.

And they can deteriorate as an old factory, old miner, old iron, to go mouldy. That is how actually penicillin was made. Then the spectrum of pain and the pallet of fears. And pharmacies… And money. Take the money and run. Some like it hot: vaccines.

How to heal your body in three steps. Two onward, one backward. ORO. The Hard One (Teškoto) is considered to be one of the most famous Macedonian folk dances. Something like heavy metal in a  Himalayan manner, pure art.

Was the Hard One consequence of the gravity of Earth? Could the Hard One be played in weightlessness? What did Gagarin say?

Who would know?

Google, of course. One just needs to google it.

“Thousand whys” with thick covers and beautiful photos and high price, gathering dust in the display window of the local bookstore.

What was once a book, now is a web.

Is there any statistics on the most popular topics?

What is the difference between a chimp and a gorilla?

Why does ice melt? Is it true that when crying, humans are being detoxified? Tears have power of removing the poison from the body. That is why they have salty taste.

What is happiness? Is there any recipe for real happiness? The shortest story-chat of an experienced old man and his unfortunate grandson:

Do you want to be happy? So, be happy!

There, that is the shortest way to the essence of all essences. Just like in a Mandino’s fairy-tale, saying that the human’s heart is made of starts.

Or like in Koeljo’s books – Veronika has changed her mind.

No one can make the others happy. However, everyone can make themselves happy, and to spread the disease further. If one is unhappy, everyone is unhappy, but if he is happy… They release the others. From their personal misfortune.

One can also find on Google that the sky is a hologram.

And a hologram is?

A hologram is, for instance, when your fifth tooth from the middle on the top left aches, causing your whole body to ache and you can do nothing about that until the ache is over.

A hologram is when after five million years after the end of the world, you will find the very tooth in some archaeological experiments that on the basis of the tooth filling will make a reconstruction of the entire civilization. Where was Europe, where Asia, Africa and etc.

Why with such space on the Earth, they loved to live in crowds in small places where the most printed graffiti, especially on the shirts was New York…, why did they used to throw shells to one another from time to time, and why there was always a kind of electrification and tension in the air as before the rain…?