Thursday, 9 July 2020 | News today: 0

Rain, hail and powerful winds sweep across eastern Macedonia


Parts of eastern Macedonia since this morning are hit by torrential rain, thunderstorms and powerful winds up to 100km/h.

Until 13 hours, 55l/m2 of rain fell in Pozar, 39l/m2 in Kriva Palanka, 38 l/m2 in Demir Kapija, 34 l/m2 in Stip, 18 l/m2 in Vinica, 2 l/m2 in Strumica and Kumanovo and one l/m2 in Ohrid, Prilep, Berovo and Krusevo, Macedonia’s Hydrometeorological Service says.

Hail swept parts of Konce municipality and Strumica where hails were the size of a nut, it was reported. Weather instability spreading from Kozuf up to Osogovo Mountains is gradually moving from east to northeast.

Until the end of the day it will be mainly cloudy with occasional rainfalls and snowfalls on mountains, according to the Hydrometeorological Service.

Heavy rain and local instability bringing showers, thunderstorms and strong winds are forecast in eastern Macedonia.