Saturday, 23 October 2021 | News today: 0

Reduced travel costs for MPs in Parliament’s 2019 budget

The Parliament’s Budget Council discussed Wednesday the 2019 draft-budget of MKD 575,8 million (EUR 9,35 million).

Travel costs for MPs have been cut by a third, there are funds for 75 MP offices and the same number of assistants, start of the reforms for financial independent of the Parliament, own security and reforms of the Parliament’s TV channel, along with an increase for parliamentary inquiries.

“A lot of unproductive costs have been cut. Regarding travel costs, they have been reduced by a third i.e. MKD 19,7 million (EUR 374,000), including expenses for international activities of MPs,” said Frosina Tasevska-Remenski, Budget Council chairwoman and Parliament Vice-Speaker.

Parliament’s Secretary-General Cvetanka Ivanova said the 2019 plan is quite ambitious because the institution will undergo thorough reforms.

“They require political will but also financial resources,” said Ivanova and added the funds would also be secured from donors.