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Regional co-production wins top prize of 65th Pula Film Festival


The Frog, a film directed by Bosnian filmmaker Elmir Jukic, won the Golden Arena award for best film and the Golden Arena award for direction in the category of minority coproductions at the 65th Pula Film Festival in Croatia.

The film, a Bosnian/Macedonian/Croatian/Serbian coproduction, also won the top prize of the Federation of Film Critics of Europe and Mediterranean (Fedeora).

The Frog, written by Pjer Zalica and Elmir Jukic, is based on a play by Croatian playwright Dubravko Mihanovic, which has been a regional hit.

The film stars Emir Hadzihafizbegovic, Aleksandar Seksan, Mirsad Tuka and Moamer Kasumovic.

Two members of the crew are Macedonian, namely the cinematographer (Dejan Dimeski) and the sound engineer (Igor Popovski).