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Regional construction companies team up to access international markets


Representatives of construction companies from the chambers of commerce from Macedonia, Serbia, Croatia, Bosnia and the Bosnian Republika Srpska signed an agreement for cooperation on Tuesday in Macedonia, with the goal to prepare their members for joint bids in international markets.

The goal of the meeting in Skopje was to discuss regional cooperation in construction and joint targeting of markets in the Middle and Far East, Russia, European Union and other markets. Slovenian and Montenegrin chambers of commerce are also expected to join in the project, that should help Balkan companies unite forces when applying for greater construction projects.

“We are faced with a splintered and unconnected construction sector in which 95 percent of the companies are small scale operations. This is the reason why we discussed joining forces. Our best chances are to try and access our old, traditional markets, but we should also actively look for new markets. We need to go step by step, build our reputation on smaller projects first and then advance further”, Damir Percel from the Croatian Chamber of Commerce said during the meeting.

Producers of construction materials also discussed their issues at the meeting, including difficulties in having their certificates of quality recognized across the Balkan markets, problems with obtaining work permits and long customs procedures. To help further cooperation, representatives meeting in Skopje agreed to daily update information on construction tenders in their own countries and abroad.

“We are at service to our members and we are helping them join forces, because very few of them are able to access foreign markets on their own. If they team up, their chances increase considerably. They will still face the usual issues, including with obtaining banking guarantees, but together they will still fare better than alone”, says Nikola Velkovski, president of the Macedonian Association of construction companies, part of the Chamber of Commerce.