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Relax and let it flow…


Columnist: Budimka Popovska (nun Makrina)

The unit of resistance is called Ego. Or: a tree is pruned while it’s still young. Once it has been bent, no one and nothing can  put it back up. Why? Because of the high voltage-induced ego.

Ego is a paradigm of separation from everything else.

Ego is a child disease of bipolar disorder of the universe. It is clear there is no room in the universe for just any kind of disorders, that is exactly why the ego is the yellow spot that sucks up any illusion of the potential ones.

When you are young, you need your ego to protect you from the powerful current of life that carries all before itself, like a bulldozer, storm or an earthquake. But, when the storm subsides, and you suddenly decide you want to enjoy the beauties of the great water, you come to understand the shield obstructs that. That’s the moment when you therapist tells you: Relax and let it flow… That’s also the moment when you realize that ‘to relax’ is one of the hardest tasks fr the body.

What does ‘Relax and let it flow!’ mean? If your therapist has recommended you this magic formula after a long time of trying to persuade you and has finally given up, than you’ve definitely reached the bottom, the point of no return; you either give up to the current or you drown in your own resistance. How does this paradigm work?

For example, when you notice there is a hole in your socks, than:

a) you throw them away and buy new ones (without any hesitation);

b) you saw them and keep wearing them until a now hole opens, than you saw them again. Caution: it’s a potential danger of wearing those same socks forever, like perpetuum mobile socks;

c) you decide to go all the way – you give up the socks as a phenomenon and walk barefoot.

There’s a theory that people who walk barefoot are much healthier than the “other ones”.

Another example of the same thing: when you are supposed to travel and you chose a mean of transport, you chose:

a) a plane – if you’re not scared of terrorists;

b) a car – if you have enough patience for all the toll stations ‘from here to eternity';

c) a ship – if you remember to chose a seaside destination (best way to reach the water is by train);

d) a submarine – if the ‘Beatles’ made such strong impression on you, that even after being a fan for 40 years you still don’t realize how can someone be that good and famous besides the rumors they might have been part of USA’s bernays propaganda. The myth of heaven on earth could have not been created without songs like “Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds”. Only God knows what kind of diamonds drugged young people were seeing in the time of fresh traumas of the first global economic crisis or the infamous alcohol prohibition.

Anyways. How do you discover which paradigm you’re most prone to?

The answer will come easy if you run a few tests of your own behavior in given situations. On land, on water, or, will you maybe check you talent for levitation?

What about positive paradigms, such as the one of happiness? Can that be checked?

If most of your answers were a), you have realized that all it takes for you to be happy is just a little bit of memory in your thalamus, and while you use that piece of memory, you direct the power of will in accordance with the flow. Down the water. The greatest wisdom one can grasp is to realize all troubles in this world are consequence of sailing up the flow. But, be careful: today’s ‘up’, might become tomorrow’s ‘down’.