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Revolution is not obtained with money



Nenad Mircevski

The word “revolution” means a thorough upheaval of society, which is often accompanied by violence. Judging by the way in which Zaev and the umbrella are trying to change the government, the “colorful revolution” in this part completely justifies its name. Such revolutions usually bring vast changes in the structure of power that result in new institutional violence through elimination of the opponents. The conduct of the ministers from SDSM, but also the threats of Zaev, who boasted that he would eat people alive, show that the scenario for violent change of government predicts this revolutionary phase as well. However, the real revolutions except violence carry idea, have strong slogans and remarkable leaders who stay remembered for a long time after the revolution. In this part the domestic revolutionaries have completely failed. Instead of ideas and leader, they will be remembered by the absurdities that one can write about indefinitely, but I will single out just a few:

Every real revolution has a leader – a character who is the embodiment of a civic protest. He is respected and revered by the revolutionaries i.e. the people because of his attributes of honesty and courage. In our country, the revolutionaries themselves are ashamed to identify with the character of the twice abolished Zoran Zaev, so as organizer appears the nonexistent “Protestiram” (I Protest) and protesters on the street raise umbrellas rather than praising their leader. Everyone is aware that Zaev has no capacity to lead the country and that SDSM with the current leadership is absolutely unable to carry out any reforms that would improve the situation in the judiciary, the media, the public administration, not to mention the economy … That’s why the opposition leader is afraid to come forward as the leader of the revolution. He is aware that the moment he does that, only the incapable leadership of SDSM and Soros mercenaries (as long as they are well paid) will remain behind him.

The revolutionaries without a leader are “spontaneously” chanting “No justice, no peace,” hinting that they fight for justice for everyone. But the justice they seek has a major defect. Seeking investigation and proving the guilt of persons in authority is acceptable without question, but to protest against selective justice while staying silent before ample evidence against Zaev and against Verushevski is stupid, hypocritical and unfair. 
What amazes me even more is why those open minded haven’t though of seeking a little justice for themselves? I haven’t heard them seeking an answer from the Special Prosecutor’s Office whether they themselves have been tapped? Are they seeking an answer from Katica and Zaev where are the other 500,000 conversations? Are they seeking an answer from the Special Prosecutor whether she has searched the homes of Zaev and his associates? Are they at all seeking justice for the ordinary citizens – for those who have been blackmailed with the illegally tapped conversations by the criminal structures close to Zaev?

The revolutionaries demand resignations and end of the rule of this government, but they do not accept elections. They claim that the the state is ruled by a regime, but they are fine with continuing to live under such conditions. Moreover, they are ready to celebrate the postponement of the elections on June 5 as a great victory of the revolution! For someone from outside it is absurd, but for all of us here it is very logical. The explanation is simple – the whole opposition is aware that the real support of the people is terribly low and that in the next elections it will experience by far the biggest election defeat. Whenever the elections are hold. The real struggle of the revolutionaries comes down to providing power for SDSM through bypassing the will of the people.

If they are opposed to selective justice but at the same time they support it, if at the same time they are seeking change of government but they are against elections, if they demand separating the party from the administration, but they don’t oppose filling the ministries with opposition party soldiers, if they convince the people that it will be better, but they don’t tell how, it’s no wonder that the people trusts them less and it is increasingly convinced that the revolution is lacking in ideas same as the opposition. The hired mercenaries from abroad haven’t helped them in bringing the people to senses, nor have managed to awake the creativity of the opposition to prepare some kind of election program. The only unique feature of the “colorful revolutionaries” is the collective Easter holiday.

Despite all abovementioned, the success of a revolution is decided by the support of the people. None embassy, none diplomat, none intelligence service, none foreign or domestic spy can conduct a scenario for violent overthrow of the government without the support of the mass of people. For the umbrella and the opposition that is an impossible mission. And it frustrates them dangerously. And the reason why they will never win the confidence of the citizens is simple. The Macedonian people has always longed to fight for its rights on its own because the friendly help has cost it dearly. So, no matter how much money is poured into this colorful revolution from abroad, the people will not accept that because Macedonia has no cost.