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Rice from Kocani region is not genetically modified


The rice from Kocani region is not genetically modified, results from super analysis made in the German laboratory “Eurofins HOS Testing” in Sofia showed.

Director of the State Agriculture Inspectorate Blagoj Indov told Tuesday’s press conference that it is about types of rice which showed presence of GMO in the initial analysis carried out at the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine.

The results of the super analysis of positive rice samples, which were sent to an accredited EU laboratory, are negative. This means that the rice from which the samples were taken is not genetically modified, Indov said.

The Inspectorate controlled several warehouses and took a total of seven samples of suspect types of rice. Two results were positive for GMOs and were therefore sent to super analysis.

“The controls will continue, whereat samples for analysis will be taken from the next harvest, from the types of rice which we think are suspicious,” Indov said.