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Russia’s ban on imports of fruit from Macedonia comes into force

As of Wednesday, Macedonia won’t be exporting peaches in Russia. Russia’s decision to ban import from Macedonia on allegedly found fungus in batches of fruit from Macedonia comes into force.

Russia’s food safety regulator imposes temporary import ban of fruit from Macedonia, but according to the Minister of Agriculture, Macedonia hasn’t been informed yet about the temporary import ban introduced by Russia, because communication between the two countries has been hindered. A meeting with Russian diplomatic officials was initiated Tuesday. Careful attempts are being made to help both producers and buyers.

“At the moment, the problem is the new government structure in Russia. Russia hasn’t appointed yet a co-chairman of the Macedonia-Russia inter-governmental commission, which makes our communication difficult. I represent Macedonia as co-chairman. We have been making all kinds of attempts, when I was in Moscow and when I met with the former co-chairman, to build relations as partners,” Minister Nikolovski told a news conference.

In the meantime, efforts are made to export peaches in other countries. At the same time, inspection is underway to determine the quantity of peaches that won’t be imported in Russia.

“Macedonia is yet to be officially informed. Neither the Ministry of Foreign Affairs nor the diplomatic office hasn’t sent an official notification. Nevertheless, we took all necessary measures, letters have been sent by both the state agriculture inspectorate and the phytosanitary administration,” Nikolovski said.

Recently, contacts are being established with producers to solve the problem. Nikolovski said he had been personally invested to invite a company from London to consider importing produces. Company officials will consider the offer first hand tomorrow in Rosoman.

“Mainly, contacts are made with companies coming to invest in Macedonia. Officials from the UK are here now. We are making efforts to export the products in Kosovo and Albania,” the Minister said.

Russia also imposes temporary import ban on some fruits from Serbia.