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Salaries in Macedonia increased by 60%, pensions by 70% in past 10 years, Serbian “Kurir” has analyzed


In the past ten years, the highest pension and salary growth has been recorded in Macedonia and Montenegro, while the least growth was recorded in Serbia, Serbian daily “Kurir” writes.

As of 2006 until present day, residents of Macedonia and Montenegro have seen the largest increase in pensions and salaries , while Croatia and Serbia saw the lowest increase in that period.

In the eve of the 10th anniversary of Montenegro’s independence, Montenegrin Prime Minister Milo Djukanovic, said the average salary in the country was by 70% higher compared to the one ten years ago, while the gross domestic product has also risen by 70 percent and the pensions have increased by 100 percent.


Besides Montenegro, Macedonia has also a reason to boast. The salaries have increased by 60 percent, while the pensions by 70 percent.

Bosnia and Herzegovina has taken the third place in this 10-year comparison and has confirmed the assessment that this placement is partially a consequence of the low initial bases that these three countries had.


The large growth, however, has not helped these countries come before Slovenia and Croatia, where the salaries and the pensions are twice the amount.

If the amounts are calculated in the local currency, Serbia has also seen a considerable growth, almost like Macedonia and Montenegro, but if those are calculated into euros it turns out the country is on the bottom, Serbian daily “Kurir” writes.