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SDSM is calculating the peace in Macedonia-it is sabotaging its own country

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Dr. Bona Lazar Bajraktarova, University Professor

Dr. Bona Lazar Bajraktarova, University Professor

SDSM is calculating the peace in Macedonia! It is sabotaging its own country ?! Will it be allowed ?!

The question is substantial! For all of us – for the citizens of the Republic of Macedonia, for country the Republic of Macedonia!

Will the handful of destructive people from the top of the party and as many of its “passionate” fans be allowed to “set the state on fire”! To stop the progress of Macedonia, the restitution of the state after their destructive governance – during “their” time! And we have just perked up!

The riots that happened Tuesday evening outside the Macedonian government building under the false veil – “civil discontent” talk about the conceived scenario staged by this very handful of people! They were there as always, and wherever destruction is practiced! Always the same characters demonstrating, protesting – instead of working! It is them who have chosen the easier path to power. But, there is no such!

The people have their own conditions! They seek a (more) settled state, better living conditions! They seek schools, hospitals, roads, airports, industrial facilities, assistance / subsidies for more successful business (in any domain) – they have many demands…

For now, SDSM is not the option that can satisfy this essential criterion for winning people’s confidence!

Until the next (parliamentary) elections, there is time for self-proving, for showing one’s vision, good idea, good faith for the country’s future! That (not fists!) is expected from the pretenders!

Fist (you associate it with destruction?), the Social Democrats have put it in their logo! As a symbol of what ??? Prosperity of the party …?

After they did not get the desired response from the people (from intellectuals, workers, farmers, pensioners …) to their rhetorical “bombs” of the illicit wiretapped conversations with long destructive introduction by their leader in order to explain the contents of the “bombs” more deeply, because they do not have the desired strength, they began a very dangerous thing – they announced, and apparently have started to practice – violent, provoking protests aimed at, according to themselves, “disturbing the people for mobilization against the government”!

They engaged/sacrificed pupils and students to work for their cause for seizure of power! – Power at all costs! But not in elections! That is their pain!

They go into attack with a long-read story – “the would return the freedom and democracy in Macedonia ?!” Old, shabby empty phrase always used when the political entity has no real offer for the people! But today, in 2015 it no longer passes! It must not pass!

And still they cannot understand how the current government, how Gruevski attracts the people? How it attracts the intellectuals? The top artists! How can these people stand on the side of this, for them hated government?!

Well, the answer is very simple – TRUST! Belief in what is being created in the state! These nine years have shown that trust is deserved! (Let them not think, that this does not include the errors too; that they are not regarded – that it can be better ?!)

With the late Tuesday’s riots organized outside the government building, among other things, they wanted to distract the people from their wrong interpretations of the successes of the country, precisely under the leadership for them the hated Nikola Gruevski –  the Prime Minister!

They wanted to silence the news that arrived from Brussels, the European Commission (announced by the EU Commissioner for Economic and Financial Affairs Pierre Moscovici, at a special press conference) according to which, according to the most recent spring economic forecast, this year Macedonia will achieve economic growth of 3.8 percent and 3.9 percent next year; (referring to the growth of the gross domestic product/GDP/ rated as the highest of all countries in Europe! According to the latest projections, the GDP growth of member states of the European Union will be 1.8% in 2015 and 2.1 percent in 2016! In Macedonia – 3.8 and 3.9 percent!) This is, of course, a proof and positive assessment that come from abroad, from the relevant European Commission for the successful economic policies of the Government of Macedonia! But, they wanted to cover up this news! They always do that when they do not want the good news about the successes of/in Macedonia to be heard, especially if they are coming from abroad!

I will admit, what happened on Tuesday evening upset me! This column is a result from the very disturbance.

Let’s not let them upset us! Let’s not let them disturb the peace and the life and put the country at risk!

The Macedonian people, all Macedonian citizens deserve to live, work and create in peace and tranquility! They deserve to promote their country for their own good and for the good of their descendants – the future generations!