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SDSM occupies leading position in opposition

The disoriented SDSM loses the essence of its existence, and the social-democrats occupy the position of biggest opposition party. This is the opinion of Ljupcho Zikov, former journalist, and President of the newly formed Alliance for Positive Macedonia. In his interview with "Republika", Zikov claims that the party led by Zaev unjustly occupies the leading position in the opposition. There is no doubt he will keep his party's promise for opening new 100.000 jobs in brand new companies, along with the former Prime Minister Buchkovski and businessman Mincho Jordanov

The latest polls show that your party will not be among the parties that would enter the Parliament if elections were held tomorrow? What are you expectations and what will be allocation of the MPs positions if early elections?

Zikov: Polls are endless, in the course of the year, especially in this pre-election period. Nobody knows who conducts them, or whom they serve to. There is a large number of agencies for ratings and tenders, so, if you excuse me, everything somehow becomes irrelevant. Everyone who has left without a job for whichever reason register their own marketing agency or agency for public relations or measuring ratings. This work has lost the sense of its existence in Macedonia. Here, exclusively I will tell about a poll we did in the Alliance for Positive Macedonia, where 5,000 citizens answered on 16 questions. And the answer to the question that you are interested in  is the following: if elections were held tomorrow, the Alliance for Positive Macedonia would win six-seven MPs.

Are you prepared for early parliamentary elections? Would you got to your countryside – the third election unit?

Zikov: Yes. We are prepared for elections! We have not decided yet about the arrangement in regard to the election units. I am especially motivated and  happy that many young people join to the Alliance daily.

Many young people, before bringing their final decision to leave the country permanently, they give themselves another chance by believing to our words. We asked them to give us a chance and resolve the most difficult transitional problems that that force us out of the country together. Leaving abroad by Bulgarian passports or by illegal stays. Believe me, many citizens from all election units and all ethnic groups are joining us massively.

At the moment, the Alliance for Positive Macedonia includes members of 17 ethnic communities in Macedonia, as well as over 30 professors, doctors and magistrates.

As to how and by which election units we will go, we will decide within the next period. If the elections are to be held…


What is your vision of Macedonia and which are the methods for accomplishing you goals?

Zikov: I have already answered the question in some of the parts. Our basic vision is through our political actions on the Macedonian citizens, regardless if they are from the villages or the towns, regardless of their ethnic origin and religion, to offer them solutions to their life here in Macedonia. You know, we are aware that the worlds opens and more barriers and boundaries between the countries disappear increasingly. Globalization has mixed the cultures and the different values and cultures has become a competitive advantage on the global market in the economy, as well as the cultural and civilization values.

Closed societies and policies that lead towards isolation are not compatible with the goals for economic development and good standard of living anymore. The Earth is becoming smaller because the movement of the citizens from many countries becomes bigger. We see that that the Chinese and Japanese tourist have already come to Macedonia as well. We are fascinated by their cameras. Hence, Macedonia has to create a policy and atmosphere where its citizens will feel free and comfortable to go around the world, to be tourists at contemporary level, and not to see foreign countries as opportunity to stay there permanently… or to earn money illegally.Because we are all aware that great professionals and skilled citizens can easily find good jobs away from Macedonia. And as a free individuals, which we engage in, it is okay.

However, the problem is the fact that more and more investors from Macedonia after a couple of realized good business deals or privatizations, especially vague privatizations from the ’90s, decide to emigrate. Vienna and another few European cities are full with such communities of rich Macedonians. Instead of investing the money in the country, they decide to leave from Macedonian permanently.

Let’s male a poll like this: present politicians – great businessmen and owners (especially from the time of privatization, strongly connected with all Macedonian governments in the past 23 years), parties’ leaders, parties’ top officials, MPs from all parties and civil servants to tell us where their kids live, study or work.

Due to precisely that lack of feelings about our country and its possibilities, today Macedonia is far behind in comparison to many Balkan countries because it loses its substrate, the chemical formula, code of operating as a prosperous country, and that is mainly the strongest group of people understood as workers, investors, professionals, even as parents, daughters and sons. The future.

The thought and the fact that every man at certain age, after graduating and earning some money, leaves without returning.

This is the biggest Macedonian problem at the moment. The Wold Bank, the same institution that each year praises us for improving the business climate in its report ‘Doing business’, in other of its reports notices that over 400,ooo citizens have left the country in the past 15 years. We are aware that is almost a quarter of the entire Macedonian population… What an absurd. Perfect business climate and conditions to do business, foreigners that receive privileges to invest in Macedonia, domestic citizens are leaving and can not see that!

The opposition claims that you are inclined to the government?

Zikov: What opposition? If you mean SDSM, who still presents itself as the biggest opposition party, in that case my answer is they have been saying a lot of non-sense ever since the era of their previous party leader. Yes, we hear them saying we are inclined to the government… awful!

First, I would like to emphasize here that the Alliance for Positive Macedonia does not think SDSM is the biggest opposition party in the country. On the contrary, we think that that party is occupying this position far too long! It blocks and monopolizes the political space as biggest opposition party. And how do they do it? Quiet simple…

The SDSM monopoly is nourished by the fact that it is actually them, or prominent individuals from their party, who are inclined to the current government in Macedonia. Take a look at the latest events and it will be clear… They call themselves “cancers” inside their own party, they argue for a decade now, setting up affairs to each other. Destruction is their way of functioning. SDSM is too busy with itself the whole time…

Even today their epochal strategy – stay forever second and in opposition (based on the principle rather first in a village than last in a city) – they instantly look for en enemy in every new subject. They still call themselves the biggest opposition party, but just imagine – they are still unaware that with such coding will never take over the government.

We have been saying for a while that we will  not deal with the hypocrisy and the identity crisis of the other parties. We are well aware that most parties and certain politicians in Macedonia are done for a while no. Also, there is no evidence or testimony in any political heritage  that says VMRO-DPMNE and SDSM are eternal parties in this area.

For these reasons, we ask SDSM, and some other bigger parties, as well as VMRO-DPMNE, to cease their amusement with with. The Alliance for Positive Macedonia is on its way. It will be the future of Macedonia in three to five years. Which, from a political point of view, is practically tomorrow. Because time in politics, especially on the Balkan, is very short. Take a look at what has happened on the Balkan since 1999 when Serbia was bombarded, especially after the fall of Slobodan Miloshevic in 2000, until today… Look at Serbia now. In front of us…

Political platforms changing, whole parties distorted and replaced, Balkan politicians shift from nationalists to democrats and first degree civil activists. European politicians of the future, bigger that Barosso and Fule together.

And us – we remained with the same characters from the nineties, in politics, in the parties, in the politics in general, as well as in business, culture, even in the journalism…

Therefore, SDSM nowadays, after governance of 23 years, has still not decided whether their future is Zoran Zaev or Radmila Shekerinska, they made a mistake an year ago and they should return Branko Crvenkovski, because, imagine this, not him, but the other two are the “cancer”. Well… if they think so, so be it.

The Alliance for Positive Macedonia and its minority bears least responsibility here.

Who would you be in a coalition with in the next government, is there anyone who you would not share the government with, if you win enough MPs? Are you planning on entering pre-election coalition or are you going on the elections by yourselves?

Zikov: After all election analysis so far, we  are probably going on our own.

We would form a coalition with the party that will win enough MPs to have the mandate to form the new government, which is the party that will win most MPs. And, of course, if we are invited to form a coalition.

After the elections, the Alliance for Positive Macedonia will await an invitation for a government coalition, which it would enter strictly with its agenda.

Based on my personal predictions, after these elections (if any, of course), there will be early Parliamentary elections within the next two years, I assure you that the Alliance for Positive Macedonia will make a candidacy for the Prime Minister. This process is irreversible and inevitable…

This party is the political future of Macedonia.

Which party base is your target? The government or the opposition?

Zikov: We address all Macedonian citizens, from the rural and the urban areas, regardless of their religion or ethnicity. The economic platform and the projects we have to offer are unifying because they solve the majority of the problems in Macedonia. There is no room for party divisions. We are talking about an agenda of a classical political movement, and it is high time it wakes up the fast-asleep ones. We specifically address those who are just observers and the thought of voting makes them sick.

We ask all Macedonian citizens to carefully monitor what we have to say and to give us a small chance. All we need is a small chance to show that the difficult problems in Macedonia can be easily resolved with political will.


What is your relationship with the Albanian parties, you have reached an agreement with Ahmeti on consensual candidate, do you have any contacts with DPA, that is rumored to replace DUI in the Government?

Zikov: We have, or more precisely, we would like to have contact with all Macedonian political parties. We strive to accomplish the party determinations and discuss them, both in their differences and similarities. We seek cooperation with all parties for the well-being and prosperity of all citizens. We do not have any agreement with Mr. Ali Ahmeti or DUI on consensual candidate for President. He informed us on the meeting on his position and the DUI position that they do not wish to support the President candidacy of Gjorgje Ivanov (we were not interested in their reasons why) and naturally, the question now what comes in order… Mr. Ahmeti’s  position is that he expects the future candidate President to reach bigger consensus with its ruling coalition partner – VMRO-DPMNE. And not only he expects, but asks for one. This was two weeks ago… if anything has changed in meanwhile, we will know soon. Hence, the Alliance for Positive Macedonia has never initiated a topic or been a subject to the so-called “consensual President”. On the other hand,  DUI gave me the impression of their position is to rather offer VMRO-DPMNE to practically win before the elections, than decide on it between the two rounds, when the opposition party leader will probably ask for a meeting with the Albanian leaders, as well. All this for the purpose of not endangering the coalition. So, consensual candidate of the ruling coalition – VMRO-DPMNE and DUI, but not a consensual President of Macedonia. The right interpretation is of high importance here.


 By: Biljana Zafirova

Photography: Aleksandar Ivanovski