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SDSM promised salaries of 500 euros, citizens receive lower salaries every month

After Tevdovski sat at the ministerial chair, the gross domestic product dropped by 1.8 percent. The average salary that the SDS promised to become 500 euros dropped by 0.7 percent. A month after SDSM came to power, instead of increasing the average salary, because Zoran Zaev told the citizens that the average salary will rise to 500 euros, we have a 0.7 percent decrease in June compared to May.
“So in just one month, in June compared to May, the gross salary dropped by 0.7 percent, according to the official data of the Statistical Office. This suggests that promises are one thing, but what happens later in reality and on the ground when SDSM comes to power is another thing. Not only has there been no increase in the average salary, but also a downward trend has started. After a long period, the average salary in Macedonia is decreasing from one month to another, which is a worrying fact,” Gruevski said.
Zaev lied to the citizens that there will be an average salary of 500 euros. The average gross and net salary is dropping for the second month in a row. Employees in July took MKD 400 lower salary compared to May! In July, the average gross salary was MKD 33.228, being lower by 0.5 percent or by MKD 281 compared to June, while compared to May it was lower by MKD 412. In July, the average net salary was MKD 22,671, being by 0.6% or by MKD 137 lower than the average net salary in June, or by MKD 218 lower than the net salary in May. After a long period, the salary in Macedonia is decreasing from month to month, and this is the second month in a row.