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Second Investigative Film Festival Skopje kicks off


The second Investigative Film Festival Skopje (IFFS2) whose central theme is “Truth, lies & likes” will be held Oct.25-27 in Kino Kultura.

The IFFS 2 is organised by Platform for Investigative Journalism and Analysis (PINA) and its partners the Friedrich-Ebert-Stiftung Skopje Office FES Skopje and the entry for all events is free.

The second edition of the Investigative Film Festival Skopje examines the eternal struggle for dominance between Truth and Lie, which culminates in the digital 21st century.

The event will begin with Jane Lytvynenko from BuzzFeed News that looks for ways to uncover the truth and maneuver through the digital universe using fact-checking skills.

The first festival day is also bringing Channel 4’s investigative documentary “Inside Facebook: Secrets of the Social Network”, allowing us a rare glimpse behind the scenes of the social network, in the world of the moderators who decide between censorship and freedom of hate speech.

IFFS, for the first time, will introduce a representative from Google – Daniel Rzasa from their Google News Lab program, who will present the possibilities that the latest digital tools can offer to journalists today. The News Lab is a team within the Google News Initiative whose mission is to collaborate with journalists and media entrepreneurs to drive innovation in newsrooms.

This year, IFFS will welcome three prominent investigative journalists from Germany, Anette Dowideit from WELT, Volker Steinhoff from Germany’s oldest investigative TV magazine “Panorama” and Oliver Schröm, the editor-in-chief at CORRECT!V; who will discuss the challenges that investigative journalists are facing in Germany, as well as the dangers of spreading fake news and misinformation in Europe.

The investigative journalist Carlo Bonini from the Italian newspaper La Repubblica and the Organized Crime and Corruption Reporting Project’s producer Matt Sarnecki will examine the dangers that accompany journalists on their pursuit of the truth. Speaking about the safety of journalists in Europe, Bonini and Sarnecki will also present the documentaries “Daphne” about the assassination of Maltese journalist Daphne Caruana Galizia and “Killing Pavel”, following the inconclusive police investigation into the murder of the Belarus reporter Pavel Sheremet.

This year, IFFS brings the success story of the Croatian portal Lupiga, where the journalists Ivor Tsar and Ladislav Tomičić will speak about the achievements of their crowd funding campaign, where they managed to collect more than $42,000 of financial support from their readers for further independent functioning of their media.

The second day of the festival, which is dedicated to media and journalism in Macedonia, as well as the challenges on our home field, will to dive into the current issue of the Government PR and their presence/influence on social media, where journalists and media personalities will discuss with government officials, PINA said in statement.