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Sekerinska: Macedonia will de facto become NATO member in February 2019


Defense Minister Radmila Sekerinska said on Tuesday that she expects Macedonia to complete the protocol for NATO accession in February. Sekerinska said that objections received from NATO, including those on issues such as respect for human rights, rule of law and the fight against corruption are being implemented.

– Beginning with February 2019 Macedonia will operate as a de facto NATO member, without the right to vote, but will be able to fully participate in debates, discussions and in the decision making process, Sekerinska said.
She added that she doesn’t expect additional problems that could appear on this path. Asked by the journalists,

Sekerinska repeated the earlier statement from the Military Police about the dubious presence of one of its units near the VMRO-DPMNE party offices on Monday evening. Media outlets questions the Military Police if they were participating in the siege which the Interior Ministry laid around the party building, during which a number of opposition officials and members were searched and harassed. Sekerinska insisted that the Military Police was there to escort a visiting foreign army General who was staying in a near-by hotel. The Military Police press statement said that they were escorting a delegation to the Bristol hotel, which has been closed for years. Use of the Military Police in regular police actions is seen as a major precedent.