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Skopje premiere of “Children of the Sun” (photo)

Decata na sonceto Skopska premiera 09 (Custom)

The Skopje premiere of feature film “Children of the Sun” by Antonio Mitrikeski was held Wednesday evening at the Milenium Cinema. This is Mitrikeski’s third film after “Like a Bad Dream” and “Across the Lake”.

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Children of the Sun” had its world premiere at the closing ceremony of the Brothers Manaki Film Festival, followed by a screening at the  Raindance Film Festival in London, competing for an award.

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The film features Ivana Pavlakovic, Vlado Jovanovski, Kire Gjorevski, Biljana Tanevska, Milica Stojanova, Emir Hadzifizbegovic and others. The script was written by Gordan Mihic. The film, which was shot in Prespa, tells the story of a socially fulnerable Macedonian family. 

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The cast of “Children of the Sun” attended the Skopje premiere.

In an interview with “Republika TV“, Mitrikeski talks about the film, the cooperation with the screenwriter Gordan Mihic, who has written the cult “Happy New Year ‘49 ,” “Time of the Gypsies, ” “Black Cat, White Cat “and about the expectations after the film’s premiere in Bitola.

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-“Children of the Sun” is a heartwarming love story with healthy humor, says Mitrikeski in the interview.