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Skopje premiere of “Children of the Sun”

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Following the Macedonian and world premiere at international cinematographers film festival “Manaki Brothers” in Bitola and Raindance Film Festival in London respectively, Antonio Mitrikeski’s film “Children of the Sun” is on the repertoire of Skopje-based cinema “Millennium” as of Wednesday.

According to director Mitrikeski, the film is a prototype of a Macedonian family, depicting family relations and the love between Angela and Marko.

The cast includes Vlado Jovanovski, Biljana Tanevski, Emir Hadzifizbegovic, Milica Stojanova etc. Gordana Mihic is the script author, Jarek Szoda is the cinematographer, Zorica Todorova-Mladenovic is the costume designer, while Vlatko Stefanovski is the music author.

“Children of the Sun” is Mitrikeski’s third feature after “Across the Lake” (1997) and “Like a Bad Dream” (2003).