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Slovenia attractive to young people – over 20,000 Macedonians obtained Slovenian citizenship

In Slovenia, there are 20,000 Macedonian citizens who have obtained Slovenian citizenship. There are also about 20 thousand working in Slovenia as Macedonian citizens. Slovenia is the top location for students from Macedonia. Nearly 800 students from Macedonia study there and it is the largest number in the wider region. Only this year from the Bitola high school, 50 students went to study in Slovenia. Medicine, Social Sciences and Technical Sciences.

This was said among other things by the Slovenian Ambassador Milan Jazbec during today’s visit to Kavadarci. He said that the relations between the two countries are excellent and that the Macedonian citizens feel at home there.

“Even if young people feel like home there, they will not forget their homeland and will probably return. And if they go to another part of the world, they will not return, which is very important,” he stressed.

He added that there are several Macedonians who are world experts in their field and can work anywhere in the world.