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Slovenian MEP calls Hahn out for ignoring Zaev’s abuse of the judiciary

milan zver

Milan Zver, member of the European Parliament from Slovenia, responded to the comment by European Commissioner Johannes Hahn, over the decision by Hungarian authorities to give asylum to former Macedonian Prime Minister Nikola Gruevski. Zver asked Hahn why is the Commission silent about the on-going abuse of the Macedonian judicial system, which is being used to jail political opponents.

– How can Prime Minister Orban explain the decision if it’s by all means a legal question, not a political one? It is also surprising that European Commission hasn’t shown any interest in the abuse of judiciary and law enforcement for political purposes by Zaev’s Government, Zver wrote to Hahn on Twitter, adding the hashtag #DoubleStandards.

milan zver

The European Commission has been largely favorable to Zaev, even as the number of charges and sentences against his political opponents has multiplied in the past period. In the run up to the vote in Parliament, when several members from VMRO-DPMNE were released from detention just days or even hours before they unexpectedly decided to to break their pledge and vote in favor of Zaev’s proposal, Hahn made a statement that the necessary votes should be found using “Balkan tactics”, if necessary. This was seen as encouragement to continue the violation of the rule of law, all in the name of ramming through the renaming of Macedonia in the Constitution.