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So much for good paying jobs at home – Zaev’s member of Parliament goes on Facebook to offer Roma workers construction jobs in Germany


Samka Ibraimovski, member of Parliament from the Roma PCER party, which is allied with SDSM, shocked the public when he published a call for Roma with construction skills to contact him for help finding jobs in Germany.

Ibraimovski briefly served even as a minister in Zaev’s Government, where he was tasked with Roma issues as well as bringing investment in Macedonia. This prompted comments on social media whether the SDSM led coalition is giving up hope that Macedonian citizens can find jobs in their native country and is now directly working to help them emigrate. Stopping migration from Macedonia and providing opportunity at home was one of the main promises which SDSM leader Zoran Zaev made during his campaign.


– Respected Roma, I inform all of you who are masons, carpenters and concrete workers and want to work in Germany, call 071973609, Samka Ibraimovski posted on his Facebook account.