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Sofia presents “red lines”: Samuil and Ilinden are only the first steps, it takes a lot more

Bulgaria’s Foreign Minister Ekaterina Zaharieva presented the red lines that Sofia will not cross over to sign the agreement on good neighborly relations. According to her, Sofia made a compromise on the language in 1999 with a clause that is now being proposed, “in Bulgarian language in accordance with the Constitution and in Macedonian language in accordance with the Constitution of the Republic of Macedonia”.

She again stressed that Zaev bowing before the monument of Tsar Samuil in Sofia and the invitation to Borisov to celebrate the Ilinden Uprising were still the first steps, but that it takes a lot more.

However, Zaharieva categorically emphasizes “Bulgaria will make compromise bigger than the compromise it made in 1999,” pointing out the parts concerning history and the renouncing of Macedonians in Bulgaria, which they regard as “claims.”

“The text in terms of shared history was presented and it is one of the other red lines. The third is a text from the 1999 declaration of restraint, and nothing of the Constitution of Macedonia can be used for claims on its part for minorities in Bulgaria and the protection of the rights of persons who are not its citizens. I will not add more on this subject. Many governments have worked and it is very important, not only the concrete signing which is undoubtedly extremely important, because it is a sign if they really want to change their attitude, “said Zaharieva.