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Solidarity – empathy or love


Budimka Popovska

If you always put limits on everything you dophysical or anything else, it will spread into your work and into your lifeThere are no limits.” – Bruce Lee

Empathy is when someone is drowning, and instead of throwing a livesaver, you click “like” and “share”.

Love is when you jump in after them and do everything you can to pull them to the shore. Even if drown with him, it is important that you jumped after them.

Solidarity is when you grew up in a large family and you were taught that the whole is whole because there is for everybody. When in a group of five people, everyone will think about the other one first, and then about themself, the circle of like-minded multiplies, and love grows and it is there in such large quantities that could establish an importexport company.

Solidarity is when you make a plantation with a million peas out of a single pea and send them to the children in Africa and elsewhere in the world where there are hungry children. And when you already work with peas, you pay special attention to princesses.

Empathy is when you are developing particular sense (para-nose) with which you will be able to smell the hungry who pretend to be full.

As soon as you turn your gaze, they know how to put their head in the nearest dumpster.

Love is when you negotiate with the director at the nearest pizzeria and you manage to get out with one hot meal for the homeless every morning; from food that the rich guests did not finish.

Solidarity is when you take half an hour of your precious free time, and becoming a delivery boy that will take the food just in time to where it should.

Empathy is when you’re starving with the famished. Love is when you’re buying all patients in intensive care an infusion.

Love is when you find an invention, which makes it easier to find:
– lost cases
– lost sheep
– lost hope …

Empathy is when you have enough hope for the lost ones. Solidarity is when you behave like a light bulb and supposedly illuminate the road. And only your grandmother had the nerve to remind you that when you burn out there will be no one to illuminate your road, especially not after the European reform of the law on cheap bulbs.

Love is when you are able to break a tunnel through the mountain with a single move and never tell the news that “the road is impenetrable.” Especially if you live in Switzerland. Love is when you cause global warming with the warmth of your heart and defrost the frozen body of a homeless person with a single breath.

Solidarity is when you know that man is always stronger than you think. It is only necessary to forget the learned lie that you can not or should not. When you have the will, there is nothing that can not be done…

Empathy is when you go to a Stones concert , though you grew up with the songs of the Beatles. You are perfectly aware that almost three quarters of the sub consciousness well are Beatles songs titles.

Heaven forbid any pathetics, “love is in the air”…

Solidarity is when you know that, except love, there is no reason to be alive and present on this planet.