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SPO adviser Tortevski attacks protesters


Aleksandar Tortevski, who is an adviser to the Special Prosecutors Office and an outspoken supporter of the ruling SDSM party, caused a major incident on Tuesday when he tried to run through a group of protesters who regularly close the street in front of the Macedonian Parliament building in downtown Skopje.

Tortevski drove his luxury vehicle to the protesters, attempted to push through their lines, then got out of the car and started insulting them. A number of protesters called on him to back off, but he then turned on the person who was filming the incident and verbally assaulted him.

A group of police officers were on hand but they tolerated Tortevski’s outburst. After several minutes of shouting, Tortevski got into the vehicle and again tried to push the protesters, before turning around and leaving.

Protest organizers, who hold the daily rallies in opposition to the planned renaming of the country, condemned the incident. According to their association, this is a planned incident with which the Government is using one of its supporters to try to portray them in a bad light and possibly justify a police intervention against them.