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Srbov: From 2011 to 2014, US$ 16 million have flown into the accounts of 96 NGOs in Macedonia


When the facts speak for themselves, even the Gods are silent, and the courts you use to threaten us as well, Nikola Srbov of the Stop Operation Soros movement wrote on his Facebook profile.

From 2011 to 2014 (including 2014) 16,034,352 dollars have flown into the accounts of 96 NGOs in Macedonia, excluding the USAID funds from this figure, wrote Srbov.

– 2,189,906 dollars have been payed by the NED (National Endowment for Democracy)

– 12,905,656 dollars have been directly payed by George Soros

– 938,790 dollars have been payed by other foundations

Where is the problem? Donors such as the NED and others who transferred money could not have had accurate insight into the ideological background of the NGOs (which should not be ideologically determined) and how they act in society, and therefore we cannot condemn these foundations right away. The problem is George Soros, because 90 percent of the active NGOs have been created by his foundation, so other foundations like it or not payed money to Soros, and it is the same closed circle and monopoly that we talk about all the time, and Nikola Gruevski underlined that in last night’s interview. Of all the funds given to the NGO sector, George Soros is leading with 80.49% of the transferred funds in this period. Or in dollars: 12,905,656 from Soros, and 3,128,696 dollars from everybody else. The bulk of the money that George Soros sent most of his funding from the Foundation for the Promotion of Open Society based in New York which transferred 7,450,432 dollars in the corresponding period. Other transfers come from 4 of Soros foundations, of which, the second largest is also from New York, while the other two are based in Switzerland and Hungary.

As George Soros donations grew, the crisis in the country deepened:

2011 – 1,359,190 dollars transferred by Soros in Macedonia
2012 – 2,685,353 dollars, more than double that the previous year
2013 – 4,210,728 dollars
2014 – 4,650, 385 dollars, which means an increase of whole 242%

These funds were transferred to 45 organizations, but 75% ended up in the account of the Open Society Foundation Macedonia. But here only part of the funds are represented, annual data reports from the period between 2012 and 2014 show that the Foundation spent 16.6 million dollars in 3 years, I will take the matter further.

We have another problem, and he is with us. In 2015 the Foundation spent 5.4 million dollars, while the Government of Macedonia spent only 645,000 dollars, while the former are spent for political purposes and the latter are spent for real NGOs (in the field of culture and environment) but too little. In conclusion, the Government should increase the budget, as Nikola Gruevski has already said.

Another funding should be added to all this, as I wrote, USAID is not included here because it should be found out how much of the USAID funds are linked to Soros, we cannot just put them all in a heap. I guess we are talking about a figure of over 32 million dollars given to the NGOs which 90% belong to George Soros, without last year.

Finally, threaten all you want, we just started and we will not go back because you put our country jeopardy, I will present details at a press conference, and in court if you want, wrote Srbov.