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Srbov to all those who think that Gruevski has relented: He became synonym for resistance to external forces

Gruevski has relented? Tell me who other leader of a political party in Europe has offered more resistance, defending the national interests of their country, while at the same time exposing themselves personally at a huge risk, analyst Nikola Srbov has reacted over the comments that VMRO and Gruevski have quietly stepped away before the SDS and Xhaferi and he reminds that Macedonia, a country of two million inhabitants, under the leadership of Gruevski has become a synonym for the resistance against external pressures.

“Gruevski put up resistance and for a decade defended the country from the operation of the international community to change the government in order to change the state system, with the ultimate goal to change the name and deprive Macedonia of its individuality”, Srbov wrote on Facebook, reminding all those who think that Gruevski has relented.

“Everyone is talking about the people all the time. How many people were gathered outside the parliament building on 27 April? 3 to 4 thousand patriots. And how many of them stormed the Parliament … Is that all the people? Where were the others? At home, watching television, on the Internet. It’s time to get realistic, to look the truth in the eye and be self-critical. To all who are spreading the word that Gruevski has relented: Not only Gruevski has not relented, he stands tall, and I assure you that he is willing to keep defending the interests of Macedonia and its citizens,” writes Srbov.