Sunday, 23 January 2022 | News today: 0

State subsidies for employment of 100 persons from socially vulnerable groups


As of Wednesday persons from socially vulnerable groups can apply at the ad for subsidised employment. The ad is open for one month and for this year the state is to give subsidies for employment of 100 persons. Companies that will employ persons will receive Denar 23.000 per months for six months from the state and after that they are obliged to keep the employees for additional half a year.


All social assistance recipients, victims of domestic violence, persons who had the status of children without parental care or low-income family are eligible to apply at the ad. It will be open for one month and also all private companies that are interested in subsidies to hire persons from these categories can apply. Ministry of Labour and Social Welfare will provide financial subsidy amounting to Denar 23,000 per month for six months, Labour Minister Dime Spasov said.

Spasov said that the state will fund 100 new employments for persons from socially vulnerable groups and we have secured a total budget amounting to Denar 15.6 million.

I encourage all persons who meet these conditions to apply and all private companies and take advantage of the favorable conditions and to fill the vacancies which will help the most vulnerable citizens in the country, he said.

Spasov underlined that support to socially vulnerable groups is government’s priority referring to the measures on improving their lives, as increase in social assistance, one-time write-off of debts, subsidies for electricity consumption, etc.