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Strumica shopkeepers tell Mickoski: Only businesses linked to Zaev are allowed to prosper


VMRO-DPMNE President Hristijan Mickoski visited Strumica on Tuesday, where he met with shopkeepers and young people from the city. Mickoski said that, from his talks, it is evident that the economy in the powerhouse of the south-eastern region is declining badly under the left wing economic policies promoted by Zoran Zaev.

– Business is disastrous. I live from this shop and I can show you the daily business, to see for yourself how bad it is. It is completely different from what it was in the past. Only their businesses are going strong, said shopkeeper Kire, speaking about how companies associated with Zaev in the city where he was mayor, are privileged in working with the Government and are left alone by the tax and other inspections.

– Shopkeepers tell me that this past year was one of the worst they remember. The people have no money, they buy nothing. They are equally concerned about the economy and the overall direction our country is going into, said Mickoski. Zaev was charged twice for corruption related to his work as mayor – for signing a lucrative public contract with a company related to his own companies and for asking for a bribe to sell a publicly owned plot of land to a Strumica businessman. In the first instance he was pardoned by then President Branko Crvenkovski, who he inherited at the helm of the SDSM party, and in the second – he was declared not guilty by the court despite clear video evidence of him asking for a bribe.


During a meeting with younger Strumica residents, they all named friends who have moved out of the country, dissapointed with the bad state of the economy.

– We see how Zaev is incapable of driving the economy forward, and the easiest thing for him to do is to reach for the incomes of the citizens, to hike taxes. This is an entirely wrong approach and the bad economic situation across the country is reflected here, in Strumica, Mickoski added.