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Student tablets to propel IT market


ICT companies expect increase in sales of tablets and sector’s development through the Government project for allocation of 12000 student vouchers worth MKD 8000 (EUR 130) for purchase of the devices.

The Ministry of Information Society and Administration released Friday the ad for companies, whereas the call for students is to be announced on Saturday.

“In times when the budget of a Macedonian family is not primarily intended for purchase of IT equipment, this campaign will contribute to increase of sales of such devices. We expect rise in sales and companies are prepared to meet the clients’ needs”, said ICT Chamber chairman Sasa Ognenovski.


Minister Ivo Ivanovski said students could acquire A class tablets with the vouchers, which would cover 3/4 of the total sales of such equipment in 2014

“Companies imported 15000 A class tablets in 2014, while the 12000 Government vouchers mean that 3/4 of last year’s market will be covered in 2­3 months”, said Ivanovski after the meeting with IT companies.

He expects the project to reduce prices, since competitiveness would be stirred up.

“We hope the sector will continue to develop, because this is the Government’s goal ­ job openings and involvement of more people in the ICT field”, added Ivanovski.