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Columnist: Aco Stankovski

I would hereby like to summarize the entire charade in Macedonia regarding the exploded firecracker of the opposition leader and his camarilla.

Actually, exactly nothing happened of the bombastically announced spectacular overturn which was supposed to ruin the governing structure. On the contrary, the last bastions of the so-called ‘resistance’, have turned into ashes. This type of blank, which was supposed to scare off the governor to accept conditions for technical government i his own marginalization, beside his brilliant victory with over 200.000 more on the parliamentary elections in April 2014, have proved to be nothing but an infantile bluff of those aspiring to take over the government, frustrated by nine election defeats in a row, presenting themselves as shallow analysts, incapable strategists and absolute analphabets in terms of true comprehension of political power and managing processes in a given situation in or society. Even the money from powerful intelligence services, which act inimically towards the country and people of Macedonia for decades, and all those alleged humanitarians – billionaires, who are nothing but stimulative “one-man show” soloists in the international relations, and are, in fact, just a cover for certain secret services with special agendas for accomplishing the goals of the last superpower on the wane and all of their powerful millions of dollars, could not help these domestic fraudsters, who lack vision and a helm, to make their way to the almost pathologically desired position of power. A truly pathetic and grotesque image.

This mocking situation becomes even more extreme in its dark humor show, if taken into consideration the way these seeming and heinous revolutionaries became increasingly mighty in terms of financials, while their political positions have reached the bottom. Hence, we can firmly conclude that these conspirators of overturn have been seducing and bluffing Macedonian people and the remaining nationalities living in this society, distracting them by creating Fata Morganas and fictions, supported by their financiers who spilled a lot of cash on these “herd of horned oxen” (as Nietzsche would put it) without bringing any result or change to their benefit, but only destroying the cohesion of the people which is united regarding crucial national matters.

“As above, so below” – the smartest among the people, divine Hermes Trismegistus, said. And it is true – if you treat your own people with humiliation and utilitarianism, those actions will be reflected to all those who use large amounts of tax money to finance this inappropriate circus aimed to spark revolutions and seize the government, while it is not capable to do even the most minor tasks, such as cleaning its own backyard, or at least rational perspective of reality. We should not even mention the risk. They simply train their nonintellectual youth for public riots and molestation of citizens with baseball bats, while wishing to put together coup d’état. But, such terrifying venture requires training with “Kalashnikov” guns, not with sticks. Like this, they seems as provincial schools for martial arts, whose primary focus is doing sports and recreation.

In all that pretending and empty praises, some justice-loving citizen will become a victim, as well, who – in the name of truth and patriotism – will stand in their way, provoked by their provocations and impudence, but eventually, their responsibility before the law can cost them many sleepless nights, wondering how could they – besides their intelligence – get stuck to their necks in the lack of perspective and worthlessness.

At that point, inspirators of violence and all that inhuman hatred will become target of personal vendetta, which will in meanwhile evolve into its current contrariety. To safe them some time, I will inform them that the cause for which they are preparing to molest citizens and later on end up in disgrace and pity themselves, is long dead, it has been knocked by history and sank into landfills of irrelevancy. It remains for us to let them know there no elitism in violence and violent seizure of government, on the contrary.

Actually, it is still a wonder how some truly empty-headed persons in their opposition herd, who managed to define the concept of “elitist” seizure of government in this manner, as if they were in Caesar’s Rome and members of the Senate will now stab Gaius Julius Caesar with knives and take over the government. This is truly a proof of lack of information and nativity, but mostly proof of arbitrary interpretation of some historic situations and, of course, complete disorientation in contemporary societal political processes.

As if we were dealing with exhibits of a deep degeneration, victim of a too long governing (60 years) of a fallen ideology – the communism, autocracy and nepotism, as well as cheap sci-fi movies which have completely baffled their minds and turned them into political zombies.