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Support from Hungary at Ohrid rally: Apart from being brotherly peoples, FIDESZ and VMRO-DPMNE are brotherly parties as well

We Hungarians and Macedonians are brotherly people, we are brothers because we have almost the same successes in sports and handball. We congratulate you on winning the final four tournament, said the vice president of the FIDESZ parliamentary group, Zsolt Németh.

“We are also brotherly nations because what we know that we as nations will preserve our language, culture and our understanding. History has taught how to do it and if we learn how to preserve history then it will preserve our people and that is why we respect the Macedonian nation. We are not only brotherly people, we are also comrades, we were comrades when we had to fight against the Turkish empire and when we had to fight communism, and now we are fighting against illegal migration. And today, 30 Hungarian police officers serve on the southern border of Macedonia and we thank you for continuing this fight so heroically. Apart from being brotherly peoples, FIDESZ and VMRO-DPMNE are also brotherly parties and we are members of the largest people’s group in Europe,” stressed Németh.

He emphasized that we represent Macedonia in the EU and that we are representatives of democracy in the EU, and that is precisely why we are the hope for Euro-Atlantic Macedonia.