Wednesday, 1 December 2021 | News today: 0

Supporters cheer Nikola Gruevski’s move on social media


Social media lit up after Nikola Gruevski announced through Facebook that he is in Hungary, seeking political asylum to escape his persecution as a leading opposition voice as well as death threats. His post raked in 11.000 likes and over a thousand shares, while in the comments, supporters treated his move as the establishment of a legitimate Government in exile.

“All Macedonian patriots are with you”, “This too will pass, you are the best Prime Minister we’ve ever had”, “Just like they destroyed Cento, they wanted to destroy Gruevski, but he will live to fight for the Macedonian cause and to help free the country from the clutches of these criminals”, are some of the comments. Some of the authors say they are dissapointed former SDSM supporters.