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Survey: Europeans less religious than others


Europeans generally are less religious than people in other parts of the world, but sizable differences remain within Europe regarding religious commitment, according to a recently published Pew Research Center analysis.

Romania is the most religious out of 34 European countries: 55 percent of its population is highly religious, based on an overall index.

Armenia (51%), Georgia (50%), Greece (49%) and Moldova (47%) round off the top five, followed by Bosnia (46%), Croatia (44%), Poland (40%), Portugal (37%), and Serbia (32%) as the tenth most religious country in Europe.

The index combined four common measures of religious observance: religious service attendance, frequency of prayer, self-described importance of religion in one’s life, and belief in God.

The ten least religious European nations are: Finland (13%), France (12%), Germany (12%), Switzerland (12%), United Kingdom (11%), Belgium (10%), Sweden (10%), Czech Republic (8%), Denmark (8%), and Estonia (7%).

Using the combined measure shows that, overall, Central and Eastern Europeans are more likely than Western Europeans to be highly religious.

For example, in Armenia and Greece, roughly half of adults are highly religious. Meanwhile, only about one in ten people in Denmark, Sweden, and the United Kingdom qualify as highly religious by these criteria.

The Pew survey was conducted between 2015 and 2017 in 34 countries.